Unfortunately, not able to accept new clients at this time.

Welcome to my website. If you are a San Diego High Income Earner and you are looking for someone to prepare your income tax returns, you have come to the correct website. Not only do I prepare income tax returns for San Diego High Income Earners, but also. I provide tax planning and financial advice.

I run a virtual Income Tax Preparation firm. This means I work from home, in Downtown San Diego, CA 92101. I communicate by phone, email, text or Skype. I do everything electronically and do not use paper. The reason I do not use paper is I am tired of killing trees.

In my opinion, the reason I have been in business since 1995 is that I am easy to deal with, knowledgeable about the tax laws and my goal is NOT to have my clients audited. The benefit to my clients, is, they could sleep at night knowing their income tax returns are accurately prepared and E-filed correctly.

My ideal client makes over $20,000 per month ($240,000 per year). The typical client realizes that they need a Tax Professional - Licensed Certified Public Accountant, to prepare their income tax returns. Most importantly they want to develop a friendly, personal relationship with their Tax Preparer.  

If you are ready to have your returns prepared professionally, please contact me at barry@jbkcpa.com or call/text me at 619-252-7970.

Thanks for visiting my website.


Barry J. Kohn, CPA

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