My Story - Barry J. Kohn, CPA


I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and worked in the family business – a successful butcher store. My father taught me how to succeed in a small business. He believed in working very hard, be fair and smile. My father believed that "people want to do business with likeable people". I agree.

I started my CPA firm in 1995. I made the decision, early on, to keep my firm a one-person firm so that my clients would only deal with one person and receive highly personal service. I treat my clients as if they were my family. Many of my clients have told me numerous times that the reason they like dealing with me is because I pick up the phone when they call me, I respond to calls, emails, and texts, quickly and, most of all, they have peace of mind. I am proud of my reputation – “generally, my clients do NOT get audited by the IRS or FTB.”  I am proud to serve successful individuals and small businesses in San Diego, California. I still follow my father’s advice – work very hard, be fair and smile. Happiness to me is - helping a small business and/or individual make smart tax and financial decisions.

My Goal is to provide the highest quality professional income tax preparation services in order to exceed the expectations of every single client.


My Mission:  My mission is to be a valuable, long-term, member of my clients' financial life by providing excellent tax service in an enjoyable and friendly working environment.


Core Values - I achieve my mission through the integration of 5 core values:

1. Integrity
I always act with honesty and integrity.

2. Quality
I demand excellence in everything I do and hold myself to the highest standards.

3. Accountability
I assume responsibility for the quality of my relationships with my clients, my colleagues and my profession.

4. Collaboration
I value teamwork, mutual trust and respect. I work closely with my clients to identify opportunities and solve problems. As a result, I develop a perspective that allows me to be proactive in the income tax preparation services I provide.

5. Communication
I am always available and responsive to my clients' needs. I maintain regular contact, I listen and I communicate in plain, readily understandable language.

My Pledge is to create an environment that will cause every one of my clients to view me as their, number one, trusted tax and business adviser


My Philosophy is simple: Provide exceptional income tax preparation services in a personal and professional manner.

Benefits of using Barry J. Kohn, CPA:

  1. ONE person to deal with for all your tax filing and tax planning requirements. I do all the work and communicate directly with you, the client.

  2. I GUARANTEE all income tax returns from tax preparation errors. As long as you supply your correct tax information to me in writing.

  3. I will try my best to return phone calls, emails and texts as soon as possible.

  4. I am available throughout the year to help with your tax questions and issues.

  5. I assure you strict confidentiality.

  6. Privacy and security will be protected at all times, to the best of my abilities.

  7. Electronic filing of federal and state income tax returns

  8. I specialize in preparing income tax returns for High Income/High Net Worth, Doctors, Attorneys and Real Estate Investors. Which means I stay current with tax matters and can prepare your income tax returns in a timely, professional manner.

  9. I am a tax professional. I have been doing this for the past 30 years. I am 110% committed to income tax preparation and planning.

  10. I am easy to talk with and I can explain complicated tax and financial issues in an easy to understand manner.

  11. Fixed fee tax engagements.

  12. Prior to beginning all work, I will provide you with a written estimate of my fee.

  13. Work will only begin after we have both signed and dated an engagement letter.

  14. The engagement letter will spell out the terms of our agreement.

  15. I will answer your quick tax questions at NO additional charge.

  16. I work by appointment only, therefore virtual meeting times can be arranged at your convenience.

  17. Tax saving strategies and recommendations at NO additional charge.

  18. Your current and prior years’ income tax returns and information will be stored electronically. Just email me a request and I will email a pdf to you.

  19. FREE prior years’ income tax return review. Find out if you overpaid your taxes and let me search your tax returns for missed opportunities. Don’t waste your money by overpaying taxes!

  20. I sort through all the complicated tax rules that apply to deductions and explain them in easy terms to you.

  21. I will let you know if your deductions are subject to any limitations under the law.

  22. I will help you figure out what you can deduct.

  23. I will help minimize your taxes by using all your available tax deductions and/or tax credits.

  24. I will identify all the paperwork you’ll need to support your tax deductions and/or tax credits

  25. I will help you resolve tax issues.

  26. I will, to the best of my ability, file your taxes on a timely basis.

  27. Mastery of the massive volume of tax laws, regulations, exceptions, forms and interpretations.

  28. Help in relief from certain tax penalties and interest. Advice and suggestions on how to save tax money.

  29. Represent you in front of IRS or state tax authorities – separate engagement.


Client Bill of Rights


As a client of Barry J. Kohn, CPA,

  1. I will do your work promptly and deliver it when promised.

  2. If you contact me, I will call, text or email you back within a reasonable amount of time.

  3. I will charge you a fair fee, agreed in advance.

  4. If you introduce a friend or family member to my firm, I will give them the same world-class service.

In return, as a client:  

  1. You will be open and honest and inform me of all the facts and figures regarding the engagement I am undertaking.

  2. You will present your information in a timely and orderly fashion, when requested.

  3. You will return my calls, emails and texts in a prompt manner.

  4. You will pay for my work in advance.

  5. If you are delighted with my service, you will think to recommend or introduce me to a friend or someone within your business network.

Resume – Barry J. Kohn, CPA


Relevant Work and School History:


1995 – Present: Certified Public Accountant         


                            Income Tax Return Preparation for High Income Earners.

1991 – 1995        Staff Accountant                                                                       


                            Income Tax Return Preparation for High Income Earners.                                                                                     

                            Prepared Financial Statements.

1989 - 1991:        Commercial Real Estate Broker

1987 - 1989:       Real Estate Attorney

1982 - 1986:       Brooklyn Law School, J.D. May, 1986 

1978 - 1982:       Pace University, B.B.A. in Accounting, May, 1982




1995 – Present   California Board of Accountancy – Licensed Certified Public Accountant

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