Tax Planning Services

Business decisions can result in unanticipated tax consequences. Before making any costly mistakes, consult with a reliable San Diego, CA CPA like Barry J. Kohn, CPA. When you turn to me for guidance, I'll draw on my wealth of tax planning experience and offer advice on what choices make the most financial sense. I'm proficient in tax regulations and know how to coordinate tax planning techniques that will reduce tax liabilities. The maze of tax laws change regularly so I'm constantly educating myself on any revisions that could affect our small business clients; then I take proactive measures to develop strategies that will minimize the impact to your profits.

If you're starting a new business, I can determine which business structure will bring the highest tax savings now and down the road. I also provide income tax planning for individual business owners and taxpayers and will find ways to reduce your income taxes so you can keep more of what you earn.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

I offer a variety of tax planning services to both businesses and individuals. Conscientious tax planning throughout the year can save you money and make tax time easier. Call Barry at 619-252-7970 and request a free initial consultation to learn more.

Strategic Tax Planning

As your trusted tax advisor, I carefully anticipate how your business could be impacted by tax laws. My goal is to manage your effective tax rate so more profits are directed towards your bottom line.

Multi-State Tax Planning

I am an experienced tax accountant who can deal with tax laws across multiple states. I'll find ways to minimize taxes while making sure your business is in compliance with Federal and State tax regulations.

Succession Planning

There are many questions involved in business succession planning. Will your family retain ownership of the business? Will you transition ownership to a key employee? I'll work with you to consider these options ahead of time and develop a plan that's in line with your personal priorities.